From Thursday, September 30 to Monday, october 2021 : Hike on the footsteps of Dali and discovery of the Catalan cuisine – Cadaquès

Homanie-Cadaquès is the ideal place to discover the natural reserve of Cap de Creus and the extraordinary history of Salvador Dali.

Accompanied by Bernard, discover, during long walks, the natural park, the preserved coastline of Port Lligat and Cadaquès: places intimately associated with Dali, a prominent and symbolic figure of the 20th century. This retreat combines nature and culture, and the opportunity to discover the marvellous village of Cadaquès, the topography and the very particular landscapes of the region and understand their influence on the painter’s work.

Rates: 1500€/person in shared room and 1900€/person in single room. Price per person all included (accommodation, food, activities) excluding transportation and massages.


The famous openswimming challenge will take place in CADAQUES on 19 september 2020. 1500 swimmers of all age will participate in one of the 3 races : Cap de Creus – Cadaques (6,5km) ; Portlligat – Cadaques (4,5km) – Caials – Cadaques ( 2,5km) :


In the very center of the village, EXPODALI CADAQUES has just opened. 250 original graphic works od Salvador Dali are exhibited in this 3 storey- building. Do not miss it ! Opening hours : 11 am-7 pm/ Adress : Carre Santa Margarida 24.